Diploma in Sorig Pharmaceuticals

The Diploma in Sorig Pharmaceuticals course is 3 years after class 12(science and LCS) and they receive a Diploma in Sorig Pharmaceuticals on successful completion of the training. The number of student intake is 8 annually. The medium of instruction is in Dzongkha and Choekye.

Admission Criteria


Eligibility Criteria



Ability Rating Points


        Seat (Scholarship)
For ILCS Students:

XII passed students with 55% in each in Choenjug, Sumtag, Nyengag and Dzongkha/Dazhung and 45% in English


For Science Students 

Class XII passed with 50% each in Biology, Chemistry and English, 60% in Dzongkha.


Choenjug – 5

Dzongkha/Dazhung – 5

Sumtag – 5

Nyengag – 2

English – 2


For Science Student

Biology – 5

Dzongkha -5

Chemistry – 5

English – 2

1 other subject – 2

Total Intake 8


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