• Provide an opportunity to local health professionals and researchers to update on the latest developments in the field of medical and health sciences.
  • Facilitate better cooperation and collaboration among healthcare providers and researchers.
  • Provide a scientific platform to present research findings on health sciences for the local as well as international health professionals and researchers.
  • Encourage research on the principles and practice of medical and health sciences.
  • Encourage Bhutanese health professionals to gather at least once in a year for a scientific session to update and share professional experiences

1. Transforming health system: Evidence based, equity ,excellence and resilience
1. Rethinking better management of the EIDs (emerging infectious diseases) and
2. Non Communicable Diseases
3. Wellbeing and mental health resilience
4. Medical education and technology
5. Health financing
6. Panel discussion on re-modelling the referral system

Abstract submission guideline:
Specific format of abstract:
1. (For Research based)

  • Introduction
  •  Aims and objectives
  •  Methodology
  •  Result
  • Conclusion

2. For general (No format)
Abstract word limit: 250 words
Font Size: 12
Font Style: Times New Roman
Number of authors allowed: 1 (Principle Investigator)
Number of submissions allowed: 1
Template for abstract: No specific template, kindly submit your abstract to

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