ICMH details 2016 – 2018

Conference Themes and Subthemes ( 2016 – 2018)

Celebrating Mother and Child Health


  1. Mother and Child Health – Quality Improvement
  2. Health System and Medical Education
  3. Mother and Child Health- Illness and Management
  4. Traditional / Alternative Medicine
  5. Public Health
  6. Mother and Child Health : Global Trend
  7. Emerging Diseases

Pre-conference Worskhop:

  1. Universal Human Value
  2. Leadership in Clinical Practice
  3. Panel Discussion on Mother and Child Health
  4. Adult and Neonatal Resuscitation
  5. Obs&Gyn USG – Hands on Practice
  6. Quality Improvement

Lifestyle Related Diseases: Opportunities and Challenges


  1. Health Care System – Strengthening healthcare system to address NCDs
  2. Medical Education – Role of medical education in preventing and controlling NCDs
  3. Public Health – Revamping health promotions to reduce NCDs
  4. Nursing and Midwifery – Role of nursing and midwifery in preventing and managing LSRD
  5. Traditional Medicine – Practice and the potential of traditional medicine in tackling LSRD
  6. Clinical Management – Challenges and opportunities in treating NCDs
  7. Mother and Child Health – Integrating mother and child healthcare with NCDs

Pre-conference Workshop:

  1. Universal Human Values and Professionals Ethics
  2. Lifestyle Related Diseases- Alcohol
  3. Cancer and Palliative Care
  4. Quality Improvement in Clinical Care
  5. Mental Health- Suicide

Improving quality and Patient Safety in Health Care


  1. Transformative Health Care System for Universal Health Coverage
  2. Quality Improvement and Patient Safety in Clinical Care
  3. Integration of Alternative Medicine towards Patient Care
  4. Translating Research into Action
  5. Maternal and Child Heath Reducing Preventable Death

Pre-conference workshop:

  1. Medical Error : Can we afford to ignore (Panel Discussion)
  2. Zhinay (Mindfulness – Traditional Medicine Approach)
  3. Ethical dilemma in health research in low income countries
  4. Holistic Medical Education
  5. Adult and Neonatal Resuscitation
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