Core Strategies Areas

The KGUMSB strategy (2021-2026) core area is an acronym “LHA_RIG” which stands for LHA – God and RIG – Wisdom; meaning the wisdom of Gods in Dzongkha. It is this wisdom that will provide direction for the development to reach the aspirations as enshrined in the Act.

  • Learner-centred to provide state of art medical and health education
  • Human resources that are competent and motivated to fulfil the university aspirations and goals
  • Academic that encompasses intellectual content, address societal needs, and a competency-based curriculum
  • Research that contributes to evidence-based teaching-learning practice, critical thinking, intellectual development, to support informed policy decisions to enhance the quality of healthcare services, and drives passion within the faculty members and students providing a unique teaching-learning experience into a critical inquiry, analysis, discovery and innovation.
  • Infrastructure and resources that support and create a conducive environment for student growth and academic learning, research and quality patient care services
  • Good Governance that promotes professionalism with transparency, efficiency, accountability and national and international networks.
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