Counseling Unit

The Student Affairs Unit has set up a counseling unit to facilitate counseling services as and when required.


The main objective is to provide counseling services to assist students to cope with stress related to academic, resolve conflicts and deal with social problems that will enable the students to learn more effectively

Counseling service will be provided to students with personal problems such as substance abuse, disease burden, grief and loss that is potentially disruptive to the success in their studies. Confidentiality will be maintained at all levels such group and individual counseling.

Any students of KGUMSB willing to avail the counseling services can report to the Students Affairs Unit in the Office of the President.

Operational days: Wednesdays & Thursdays

Time: 3-4pm during winter
4-5pm during summer

Venue: Student Affairs Unit, Office of the President
Contact Number during office hours: 328999/328990 (Extension No 115)

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