University launched OpenKGUMSB and Druk Sokchop Course

Coinciding with University 8th Foundation Day, the university launched OpenKGUMSB and Druk Sokchop Course by Her Excellency Dasho Dechen Wangmo, Health Minister, Ambassador of India and Chief Representative, JICA.

Druk Sokchop Courses 

Druk Sokchop Courses which literally means Bhutan’s lifesaver’s courses. It is equivalent to other international emergency life-saving courses like Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life support courses, etc. Druk Sokchop courses are developed for the Bhutanese by the Bhutanese since some situations differ from other countries. Meaning Druk Sokchop courses are contextualized into our context. It doesn’t mean that these courses never existed, they did but the courses conducted in the past were not standardized. Therefore, the University developed these courses so that the courses we offer are standardized. 

Druk Sokchop courses are developed by a panel of experts from the university, teaching hospitals, and some district hospitals, with financial support from JICA as a part of the JICA Technical Cooperation Project at the University.

The aim of the Druk Sokchop courses is to ensure and maintain the chain of survival from the community to the hospital. 

There are currently 12 courses under Druk Sokchop for health workers and non-health workers like teachers and the general public. In fact, the courses were designed so that whenever an emergency arises anywhere, every Bhutanese should be able to provide first aid to the person before medical care reaches the scene or before the person reaches the hospital.

These courses will be in blended mode, which is partly online and partly on-site. The on-site training will be conducted region-wise in the three simulation-based training centers, one based in KGUMSB in Thimphu, one in Eastern Regional Referral Hospital in the East, and one in Central Regional Referral Hospital in Central Bhutan. The courses will be conducted by trained instructors in the relevant fields. There are assessments from time to time so that the trainees become competent enough to handle emergencies since we cannot compromise on the competencies when dealing with life and death. These courses will also be integrated into the curricula at the University. 

Launching of OpenKGUMSB

OpenKGUMSB is a digital platform to serve the need of an advancing ICT world with increasing demand and changing times in the medical and health education system. It is also a valuable tool for healthcare providers to enhance their knowledge and skills, which can ultimately lead to better patient care and outcomes. This platform will foster medical and health education via virtual or online courses in various disciplines. It will assist in rendering health-related continuing professional development and continuous medical education. This will also ease aspiring health professionals to avail of medical and health-related courses more readily and timely. We assure you that this virtual platform will be of immense benefit to the whole health fraternity in the country and beyond.

Courses are designed with a holistic approach keeping in mind the needs at the grassroots including Sowa Rigpa medicine. I am confident that all users will make the best use of it and be lifelong learners. The quality of the courses provides assures the standard and quality are maintained with proper mechanisms in place for optimal outcomes.

The OpenKGUMSB and Druk Sokchop Course are developed with the funding support from JICA.

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