KGUMSB/SA/2022/232                                                                                                                           Date: 8th April 2022

Admission into Tertiary Education Programmes for the Academic Year 2022

The Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan (KGUMSB) is pleased to announce the admission criteria, ability rating points and slots in various programs under KGUMSB for the Academic Year 2022 as mentioned below:

  1. Faculty of Nursing& Public Health (FNPH)
Sl # Programs Eligibility criteria Ability rating points Scholarship  duration
01 BSc. Clinical Counseling Class XII  pass  with 50% in Bioscience, English & Dzongkha Biology-5, English -3, Dzongkha-3, Chemistry-2 & Physics-1 (12) 6F + 6M  4 years
02 BSc.Nursing & Midwifery Class XII pass  with 50% in Bioscience, English & Dzongkha Biology-5, English -3, Dzongkha -3, Chemestry-2 & Physics-1 (25) 15F + 10M  4 years
03 Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery  (GNM)  Class XII pass Science  with a minimum of 40% each in English, Dzongkha, Biology or Physics or Chemistry
Class XII pass Commerce with a minimum of 40% each in English, Dzongkha and Commerce/Accountancy Arts
Class XII pass Arts with a minimum of 40% in English, Dzongkha and Geography
1. Bioscience
Biology-5, Chemestry-4 Physics- 3, English -3, & Dzongkha -2
2.Pure science Chemistry-4,Physics-3 Maths- 2, English-3 &Dzongkha- 2
3. Commerce
Commerce /accountancy -4, English- 3, Dzongkha- 2 & 2 other subjects- 2 each
4. Arts
Geography-4 English- 3 ,Dzongkha -2, 2 other subjects- 2 each
(25) 15F+ 10M  3 years
  04 Diploma in Community Health & Medical Technology Class XII Pass with 45% in Bioscience,  English and Dzongkha Biology-5, English -3, Dzongkha -3, Chemistry-2 & Physics-1 (100) 46F + 54M   3 years  
      Total intake   162  

Remark: The students of a diploma in Community Health and Medical Technology will undergo one year common course. After which the students will be given options to choose the programs based on their interest and merit ranking in Community Health and various fields of Medical Technology courses namely Dental, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Orthopedic, Anesthesia, Eye, Radiology, Physiotherapy, ENT  and, Emergency Medical Responder.

  1. Faculty of Traditional Medicine (FoTM)
Sl # Programs Eligibility Criteria  Ability rating points Scholarship  Slots Duration
  1 BSc. Traditional Medicine (Drungtsho) For Science students: Class XII pass with 60% in chemistry and biology, 70% in Dzongkha and 50%  in English
For Rig-shung:
Class XII pass with minimum 60% each in choenjug, ngagtag/Nyen-nga, Dzonghka/Dazhung and 50% in English.
Biology-5, Dzongkha -5, Chemistry -5, English -2 & Physics-1
For Rig-shung: Choenjug-5, Dzongkha/Dazhung-5, Ngagtag/Sumtag-5, Nyen-nga-2, & English-2
4 for Science     4 for Rigshung       08         5 years
2 Diploma in Traditional Medicine (Menpa) For Science students Class XII pass with 50% in Biology, Chemistry, English and 60% in Dzongkha
For Rig-Zhung:
Class XII pass with 55% in Choenjug,Ngagtag/ sumtag, Nyen-nga& Dzongkha/Dhazhung and 45% in English.
For Science:
Biology-5, Dzongkha -5, Chemistry -5, English -2 & Physics-1
For Rig-Zhung: Choenjug-5, Dzongkha/Dazhung-5, Ngagtag/Sumtag-5, Nyen-nga-2, English -2
 6 for Science       6 Rigshung 12 3 years
      Total                         20

To facilitate the smooth coordination in the application process, the Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan has requested RUB to use their online admission system for submission of the application into academic programs under Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan (KGUMSB).

Therefore, all interested students are asked to log on to for submission of the application.
Note: Online application will start from 10th May and close on 24th May 2022.
For further information, call +975 02-328999/997/990 during office hours.

Vacancies for self-finance in the Faculty of Traditional Medicine:

Program Self -funding
BSc in Traditional Medicine 2 seats
Diploma in Traditional Medicine 3 seats
BSc-Traditional-Medicine(Zhung-Dratshang/ Shedra) 2 seats
Diploma in Traditional Medicine (Zhung-Dratshang/ Shedra) 2 seats

For self-funding, interested candidates fulfilling the above mentioned criteria are asked to apply through email at For details contact Deputy Dean Student Affairs at Mobile No-17969674.



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