KGUMSB/Pro/Tender (10)/2023-2024/1532                                         Date: 19th September 2023

 Air Ticket Quotation

Sealed bids are hereby invited from the reputed ticketing agencies registered in Bhutan for booking and issuance of air tickets for the following official(s) as per the following itinerary and terms & and conditions as specified below:

Type of Class: Economy

Name of Official:

  1. Dr. Ambika Rani Pradhan

Date of Travel                                                                              Sector (Option 1 via Delhi)                                             

October 05, 2023                                                                                Paro – Delhi – Colombo

October 08, 2023                                                                                Colombo – Delhi – Paro

Date of Travel                                                                              Sector (Option 2 via Bangkok)                                             

October 05, 2023                                                                                Paro – Bangkok- Colombo

October 08, 2023                                                                                Colombo- Bangkok – Paro

Terms and Conditions

  1. All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked as “Air Ticket Quotation” addressed to the Procurement Officer, KGUMSB, Thimphu latest by 22 September 2023, before 10:30 AM and will be opened at 11:00 AM on the same day.
  • If the flight or seat is not available on the above dates and sectors, you can quote earlier for an earlier date.
  • The purchaser reserves the right to reject a bid or all the bids if it is found non-feasible or if we lack the capacity to bear the cost resulting from your early or late quoted dates.
  • The rate should be quoted as per the sector given above and will be selected for the most economical and direct route. Evaluation will be done sector-wise based on the most economical and direct route.
  • Airline and seats must be confirmed while submitting the bids and submit confirmed itinerary details.
  • The validation of fares and availability of seats should be as per the details mentioned above.
  • The quoted rate should be inclusive of all applicable taxes and duties.
  • The successful bidder should submit a copy of the air ticket along with their invoices for payment.
  • Unconditional bids like an increase in fares or changes of the airline at the time of travel are not accepted.
  1. Tender documents should contain a copy of a valid trade license issued by MoENR.
  1. In case the lowest evaluated bidder withdraws his/her bid then the second lowest bidder shall be asked to purchase and issue ticket(s) and the difference for fare shall be borne by the lowest evaluated bidder.
  1. The purchaser reserves the right to reject the bid(s) if it is found not responsive to our terms and conditions, and the decision of the tender committee will be final and binding.

Procurement Officer

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