17th September is observed as World Patient Safety Day around the globe. The global campaign for World Patient Safety Day in 2023 is to propose a wide range of activities for all stakeholders on and around September 17th, including national campaigns, policy forums, advocacy and technical events, and capacity-building initiatives.

Similarly, the Centre for Simulation-Based Training (CSBT) is observing World Patient Safety Day 2023 with the slogan “Patient Safety through Simulation-Based Education”. This is also to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the opening of CSBT and to showcase the role CSBT plays in patient safety. 

CSBT was inaugurated on 17th September 2022. Since then, a lot of activities have been carried out by the Centre; through the development of Druk Sokchop Bhutan Life Savers Courses, providing Continuous Professional Development (CPDs) and as an advanced simulation laboratory for curriculum-based simulation education with the main focus on patient safety.

The highlights for activities carried out by CSBT for the last one year are given below;

Druk Sokchop (DS) Bhutan Live Savers Courses

• December 2022- ToT on Neonatal Resuscitation Courses (NNF, India) 

• Field Testing and Instructors Training for DS NALS and DS NBLS Courses

• DS PALS Module Finalization and Field Testing

• Western Zone ToT on DS NBLS and NALS

• Module development, Field testing and ToT of various Druk Sokchop Courses 

CPD Trainings

• September 2022- Jeeva Raksha ToT on Basic Care & Life Support and Emergency Care & Life Support(India)

• October 2022- ATLS and ACLS for GDMOs

• November 2022- Wilderness FA ToT (University of Utah, USA)

• February 2023 – Clinical Orientation for RCSC-selected Doctors, Clinical Nurses and Physiotherapists

• ECLS for GDMOs

• First Aid Training to Staff of JICA Office and UN Bhutan Office

• Pedagogy Training for Core and Adjunct Faculties of FNPH 


• Served as an advanced simulation laboratory for curriculum-based simulation education for students of the university

• Practical examination center for students of the university for advanced courses.

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