Khesar Gyalpo University of medical Sciences of Bhutan has been observing the University Investiture Ceremony day since 2015. The University has been fortunate for support and guidance from His Excellency Lyonpo Tandin Wangchuk, Minister for Health, who is the Chairperson for Governing Council of KGUMSB. His Excellency has kindly consented to grace the occasion as Chief Guest.

This is an occasion when as a family, we celebrate and honor our teachers, students and also other staffs of the University for their dedication and hard work to enhance patient care and Patient safety through improvement of quality of medical education, standard of patient care by innovative methods at teaching hospital and any other sort of services as relevant to the University and teaching hospital.

This year the day is historic for many reasons.

First, Faculty of Postgraduate Medicine has completed 4 years of existence and first batch of home grown 8 specialists in 5 specialty (namely Anesthesiology, Ophthalmology, OBGYN, Pediatrics and Surgery) will be graduating. On this very momentous occasion, University management would like to wish each of them a glorious success in their career ahead. With graduating of these 8 specialists, University started the contributing towards of addressing lack of Health Human Resources in the long run. The credit for this success to a large extend goes to the stakeholders such as Royal Govt, MoH, RCSC and management at JDWNRH. These graduates “Home Grown Specialists” will be the ambassadors of the KGUMSB while serving the people in various communities in Bhutan.

Secondly, Faculty of postgraduate Medicine is also releasing 11 MD curriculums (9 revision of old and 2 new curriculums) to be implemented at the institute from July 2018. The new curriculums boasts the inclusion of few new areas, this has been included keeping mind the trends prevailing in both the region and international arena.

One new inclusion is modern approach of “work place based assessment”. This is expected to enhance student’s learning through regular and systematic monitoring of their progress (as clinician, as team member and as clinical leaders) on day to day basis during the entire training period of 4 years.

Another inclusion is a module called “Medical Humanities”. This is mainly focused on development of skills required to function as doctor with good communication skills, follows professional conduct, knows ethical practices and knows about health system management in the Country. This module expected to create doctors who are “both Competent and smiling”. Yet another inclusion and equally important is “teaching methods module”. This is aimed at equipping them to efficiently transfer their knowledge and experience to the upcoming doctors. Last one is “Quality improvement project”, this is one moment where the students are given opportunity to contribute back to the place of his or her work /training through a small scale project, especially focus on improvement of patientcare and safety in the wards of the teaching hospital (JDWNRH).

In addition to release of curriculums and bidding farewell to our PG students, this year’s ceremony will see felicitation of 5 Depts namely Anesthesiology, Ophthalmology, OBGYN, Pediatrics and Surgery) from JDWNRH for their contribution to growth of PG medical education, designation of new teaching faculty members, awarding of certificates for intern doctors. Also, welcoming of our new batch of PG doctor trainees and interns who will be starting their training from 1st July 2018 at KGUMSB.

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